EMOZIONALE I | cardinal-red-cruising


6th February 2016
Via Cesare Balbo, 32, Milan

Birke Gorm, Samuel Linus Gromann, Tim Hartmann, Anna Hostek, Lukas Kaufmann, Felizitas Moroder,
Laurids Oder, Johanna Odersky, Marina Sula, Emmanuel Troy, Eugen Wist, Julija Zaharijević


Squeezed together around the table, balancing on these hopeless plastic seats, all drinking shandies, with coasters placed on top of our glasses. It’s that time of the season. Everyone but him orders the only vegetarian dish on the menu. He’s eating some kind of rotisserie meat, served on a handcrafted spear-like piece of cutlery. I know of his fondness for forged artefacts and comment on it. She steals it for me, without the need for me to ask for it. First leaving it under the table for a while, then slipping it under her dress as we all walk back to the car. The size of the parking lot testifies to the feeling of hope there must once have been about a future costumer base.

Moving again.

From behind the wheel he makes fun of me for sitting there like a princess with that sceptre in my hand, gazing out the window at the moving mountains. In slow motion I turn my head to the left.

Stop it.

A. L. Orsi again as P. Wächtler;
I wish I had saved up some of the energy I spent on all these useless talks with useless figures and characters of no importance, in order to manage these final meters back home

Eugen Wist, “soon it‘ll fit“, 2013
Laurids Oder, “untitled“, 2016
Eugen Wist, “Ascher (corals), 2016 Samuel Linus Gromann, “Banca d‘Italia“, 2016
Johanna Odersky, “with a wink of the eye *look at this* only then can we begin to speak“, 2016
Johanna Odersky, “with a wink of the eye *look at this* only then can we begin to speak“, 2016
Lukas Kaufmann, “MARINA“, 2015
Anna Hostek, “recent hug“, 2016
Julija Zaharijević, “drawings for emozionale“, 2016
Laurids Oder, “444“, 2016
Emmanuel Troy, “untitled“, 2016
Lukas Kaufmann, “Panel I “, “Panel II“, “Panel III“, 2016
Tim Hartmann, “untitled“, 2016
Samuel Linus Gromann, “Untitled or (Chelsea Grin)“, 2016
Marina Sula, “Maybe Tomorrow“, 2015
Marina Sula, “Not Enough“, 2015
Birke Gorm, “move (from the marrow to the bone, from the bone to the muscle, from the muscle to the skin, from the skin to the hair, and from the hair) away from here“, 2016
Felizitas Moroder, “play me, save me, leave me“, 2016