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Ford every Stream

MAMMOTH, CA, AUG 22, 2006: A young boy leaps over Coldwater Canyon Creek that leads into Emerald Lake while hiking in Mammoth, California on August 22, 2006 (Photograph by Todd Bigelow/Aurora).

September 7 – October 13, 2019
at Acappella and Museo Apprente, Naples

Magnus Andersen, Virginia Ariu, Stefania Batoeva, Anders Dickson, Yong Xiang Li, Felizitas Morode

Anders Dickson, Echoe in Graffiti Graveyard, 2019
Anders Dickson, BigSky Machine, 2019, Guache on paper
Anders Dickson, GreenSky Machine, 2019, Guache on paper
Stefania Batoeva, Vision I, Vision II, 2019, Pencil on paper
Stefania Batoeva, Boys, 2019, Pencil on paper
Felizitas Moroder, Shell, 2019, marmo bianco statuario
Virginia Ariu, Divided Loyalties, 2019, Terra-cotta, stock prints (x 8)
Virginia Ariu, Angular Combination (rail) 2018, Wire, zip ties
Magnus Andersen, The Long Way Home, 2019, Digital Print on paper
Yong Xiang Li, Klara on Tour, Acrylic on playwood
Yong Xiang Li Companion 40-images slide show
Yong Xiang Li Companion 40-images slide show

Nik Geene and Reece York, 2019